Flame Broiled

We serve only Angus Beef Rib eye Steaks. Angus center cut Top Sirloin go into our surf and turf. Served with fresh baked bread, red potatoes, sautéed zucchini and your choice of clam chowder or garden salad.

Ribeye Remington

Flame broiled rib eye steak topped with Dungeness crab meat and a Horseradish aioli

Ribeye Steak

Steak And Prawns

Steak and Oysters

Steak and Lobster

Steak and Half Crab
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Flame Broiled Salmon

Brushed with our own compound butter and seasoned to perfection. Truly a North west Masterpiece. Served with seasoned rice and veggies.

Flame Broiled Haliut

Just the way it should be. Lightly seasoned with our special spice blend and flame broiled to seal in the natural flavors. Served with seasoned rice and veggies.

Louisiana Whiskey Salmon

Flame broiled with our original Louisiana Whiskey sauce. Served with seasoned rice and veggies.

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